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Quality assurance & quality engineering services

Our QA testing services encompass the entire gamut of testing for software, including the quickest and most efficient methods of testing.

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Functional testing.
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with the goal to reduce security level
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    Reimagining UX with advanced software testing

    Automated QA testing services

    Enterprises view QA software testing services as the largest bottleneck in releasing products. Too many companies risk their reputation on fast releases, and only 72% of IT teams rely on quality assurance and customer complaints to discover user experience issues.

    Comprehensive QA testing unlocks customer value and serves the end-user. The right QA testing services and activities in combination with scalable manual testing are outperforming the competition.

    72% of IT teams rely on QA
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    Codetiq’s QA testing automation services keep release cycles on schedule and on budget. Our automated software testing is powered by QA experts experienced in developing scripts, utilities and assets by leveraging industry trends, best practices and libraries. We provide a fully automated QA service with timely results to help you protect site functionality.

    Codetiq gives you access to expert testers who think like customers. Our QA testing services ensure the verification and validation of applications for independent software vendors and enterprises. Our Quality Assurance testing services focus on testing the applications against defined specifications and meeting the end-user expectations for functionality. Our experienced testers and QA managers work together to test all functional QA requirements across devices and platforms, to deliver prioritized timely results.

    Usage is the most important metric for the global app economy, and time spent on mobile apps is growing fast – reaching 900 billion hours each year worldwide. The apps with the highest usage and ratings are characterized by one thing: frequent updates. Delivering an excellent UX in every update requires agile development supported by continuous testing. Using this agile methodology, apps testings are delivered more quickly and efficiently due to better and more frequent communication between teams and platforms.

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