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We are a web development agency that utilizes the latest technologies to build scalable, enterprise-grade web solutions across a variety of verticals.

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Clean code,
High level of automation in integration,
Latest frameworks and language versions.

with established Agile and DevOps

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    Fast and stable web development

    What is the future of the web experience?

    A thriving ecosystem of digital experiences, tools & marketplaces exists beyond your business’s PCs and smartphones. From smart appliances (watches and trackers) to augmented reality that enables intelligent sensing through IoT – the power of the web and the cloud will continue to grow far beyond the 2D experiences we’re traditionally accustomed to dealing with.

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    Codetiq’s approach to the cloud-enabled web apps

    The future of web apps, cloud apps, & web development lies in the ability to create a more compelling customer experience for the employees, the stakeholders, and any other user.

    Our web development agency tactically defines how to augment customer experience through the use of two key principles: personalization & intelligence. We venture into the creation of personalized experiences for our clients as if we were talking to them specifically. And we continuously infuse intelligence into customer experience by evaluating and utilizing the latest tools available in artificial intelligence and machine learning so that our experiences can respond back to customers naturally, whether it’s through a site, a voice conversation, a mixed-reality experience or otherwise.

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    Technologies we use

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