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Custom software development services

Developing custom software solutions tailored to your business, undertaking every aspect of your software initiative.

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    Best software practices for your business

    Software outsourcing reduces time, effort & money

    To truly drive change and create superior technology, we practice ‘ROI engineering’, a methodology that ensures maximum business value while optimizing costs, timeframes and risk to the business.

    Our agile software outsourcing balances in-house software developments with the reality of effectively managing IT costs. How? By focusing on delivering excellent quality through design and engineering, we assist your teams in adopting practical agile methods that reduce the time, effort & waste created during some product development.

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    Software strategy development – a proven approach

    By opting for custom software development you can break through barriers and differentiate your business from competitors. The secret is to solve the right problem at the right time and build competitive momentum.

    This is how we approach it:

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    Analysing clients Software Requirements, planning out and designing the structure of the platform.

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    Agile software development services begin with designing the software with high standards and quality.

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    We analyse and understand your business objective. By defining the requirements and writing down details and specifications, we develop, test, and implement your software for you.

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    With quality output and performance-tested software delivered.

    The future of custom software development

    Custom software development is more than engineering an end product. It’s about helping your teams obtain a customer-centric view when thinking about the future of the company. That means continuously delivering delightful experiences to customers and stakeholders.

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    What makes our team unique

    Our software development services provide experts across various software platforms – Java, Microsoft (.NET), Python, frontend stacks (Angular & React), making Codetiq an ideal partner for agile software development to all those who are serious about building their business online.

    While we support a number of technologies and frameworks, our developers are unique for saying “no” to a number of specific technologies. Today, because of so much diversity in the technology tool-space, a critical aspect of custom software development is knowing what NOT to utilize.

    This type of thinking enables clients and partners to invest confidently in their own technology and software development teams, knowing that they’ll be left with a supported platform moving forward in the future.

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