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Blockchain dev services – distributed data storage

Distributed cloud storage services, encrypted messaging and proofs of ownership, real-time stock exchange – all secured by a virtual ledger. If you’re planning on using it in your application, our team will provide you with the necessary information and deliver the best solution.

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Encrypted cloud storage.

with advanced blockchain solutions
and no central point of failure.

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    Explore enterprise blockchain solutions

    • Next-generation macroeconomy for global markets
    • Interoperable exchange
    • Tag, Track, Trace and Trade
    • Asset tracking with blockchain
    • Using blockchain for food and beverage traceability

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    • For complex systems with multiple energy sectors, such as oil and gas
    • Distributed ledger technology business value
    • Embracing smart ways to save energy
    • Achieving a reduction in energy prices using blockchain
    • Global green energy platform for facilitating energy supply

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    • Decentralization through banks for your payments or transfers
    • Faster and easier payments, less cost for money transfers
    • Revolutionizing finance industry globally
    • Auditing services
    • Cross-border and P2P payments

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    Blockchain services

    Decentralized clouds are the future of data storage

    Blockchain-enabled decentralized cloud storage excludes the need for clients to rely on a central authority to manage their data, and by doing that, it helps minimize the risks of potential large scale data breaches. The distributed nature of blockchain solutions and cloud storage means that our clients get to enjoy numerous advantages compared to outdated, traditional centralized cloud storage solutions, including:

    • Increased speed
    • Greater privacy
    • Lower costs
    • Decreased downtime & file loss

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