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.NET 5, React Native, Firebase

Business overview

SiteLink is an RFI (request for information) exchange solution made for field workers and their supervisors. It resolves field issues found by workers and contractors and provides a quick call for instructions or approval from their supervisors. SiteLinks system provides unique RFI requests from workers, with all necessary information such as location, video, audio, or voice attachments. On the other side, the supervisor gets a real-time notification for requests and can take immediate action to resolve and close the issue as quickly as possible.


Field workers can have many subcontractors on one project, which can make communication with different supervisors very difficult. SiteLink application enables more efficient and faster decision-making on urgent issues.


SiteLink is a mobile, web system that collects all relevant data from the field. It has a built-in notifications system that enables supervisors to get aware of the problem right away.
SiteLink also supports offline mode which means that it can be used even in areas where mobile network is not available.


SiteLink is a solution for the RFI (request for information) exchange intended for communication between field workers and their supervisors in order to quickly submit, analyze and resolve most urgent field issues that require supervisor advice or decision.

Tech overview

SiteLink is built as a mobile and web application. The mobile app is built in React Native, while the web app is built in React. For the backend, we use .NET Core with PostgreSQL database. Mobile application integrates with the Firebase leveraging Firebase Cloud Messaging for push notifications.

Process overview

The SiteLink system allows workers to describe and report real-time field problems to their supervisors, swiftly and precisely, and act immediately upon receiving their answer.

Results and Reporting

Our communication and data exchange tool allows cost reduction and saves time in communication where supervisors approval is required. Increased response time is measured by a factor of 5. Establishing a unique communication channel for information exchange, SiteLink provides more efficiency and optimization in field work service.

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